Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Green Eggs and Ham For Me

                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY

                                               "Today you are You, that is truer than true.
                                                There is no one alive who is Youer than You"

                                                           Dr. Suess (Happy Birthday To You)

28 years ago I was given a gift and his name is Chris. Christopher Lynn to be
exact! A son like you, I thought could never be. The day you were born, I just
knew God had sent me a blessing and that was you. You are the true definition
of a son in every way. Out of everything I did it was you and your sisters I did
right. Always remember that I know how much you care, I can tell by the relat-
tionship that we share. For a son like you there could be no other.

Oh how the years go by. Oh how time certainly fly. Your laughter and smiles
which go on for miles, warms my heart and soul. My little boy has become a
man. Time may pass day after day or year after year, But the love I have for
you grows nearer and dearer to my heart each day and year. To my son, I hope
you know just how much I love you so. Far or near I'll always be standing by
your side.... Happy Birthday my one and only son!




  1. Beautiful post Sherry! Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

  2. Hi there, nice to meet you. Hope to see you Monday at my newbie party. Happy Birthday to your good lookin son! We bought that lamp on ebay many moons ago.

  3. Thanks so much Debb for becoming a follower. It means a lot to me! Thanks for the birthday wish also. Once you get to know me you'll learn I love lamps, if you ever think about getting rid of it you know where to reach me! :)

  4. awwwwwww happy birthday to your boy! <3

  5. I do know as a mom of two sons you are over the moon proud!! Happy Birthday Sherrys son lol!!!!

  6. Hi Sherry, I wanted to stop by and see what's been going on at Funky Junk. I had no idea that I was going to get teary eyed! Your post was sweet. My how fast time flys with our children. Hope your son had a great birthday! Also, love the jewelry post below!!! Have a great week!

  7. Comeca, thank you. He's not perfect but because of him I always wanted another son, didn't get another but that could be why I was blessed with 6 grand sons!

  8. Kimberlea time does flys, it seems like just yesterday I had them all at home with me and overnight I'm watching them raise their own families! Tks Kimberlea!

  9. aww happy birthday to your son. Scarlett x

  10. Hey Sherry.. Nothing more rewarding than raising a child is there? Your newest follower.

  11. Oops I pasted your site on my name.. sorry bout that.

  12. Hi Beverly, Thank you for following, I appreciate that. You're right, there's absolutely nothing more rewarding!