Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where Does Your Jewelry Hang

I've had many jewelry boxes but for some reason I never used them. I'd al-
ways toss my jewelry on top of the dresser or sometimes the vanity in bathroom.
It was fine with me I knew where things were and it's all within reach! That has
all changed since I became a grandmother of little girls!! Let me tell you lil girls
like things of color, they like sparkles and most of all they like to play with Granny's
things! Things are never put back where they came from and after they get their
hands on them you can usually count on finding things in a tangled mess. I had
to come up with a solution to make things a little easier for them and myself! No
sense in telling them it's off limits, that's half the fun of being at Granny's  rummaging
exploring through her vintage items, cause you all know I'm ancient to them!!

So with paint, cork, frame, tea cup holders, fabric and coffee cup holder I got busy!

Although I have quite a bit of jewelry to go missing (under the couch, in the toy box)
it's still a lot nicer than before. There aren't any tangled chains, the dresser doesn't
look half as messy and the girls still have fun while visiting Granny! So I'm happy.
The coffee cup holder turned ring keeper holds quite a few rings BUT some busy
bodies were playing and knocked it behind the dresser, and yours truly hasn't felt
like pulling out the dresser to reclaim rings from the Dust Bunnies that I'm sure has
moved in! Hey as my son so fondly reminds me "This is real life here" which means
sometimes I don't clean behind the dresser or under it either!!!

BTW, the hat on the dress form is my 'I'm Crazy About Charlie Wilson Hat' and
it is OFF LIMIT. The last two years I was able to see Charlie perform on my bday.
2009 I went to The Windy City to see him, I was so disappointed cause I couldn't
make my way to where the hats were being sold, but 2010 I went to the Hamilton
Beach Jazz Festival to see him where I made sure to purchase a hat. Oh I know
I could have made it for far less than I paid for it but it wouldn't be the same!


  1. Love the dress form Sherry I saw one at Walmart a while back and was never able to get one.:( lucky you and thanks for stoppin by my blog its a slow process but fun nonetheless lemme know when you want to do an exchange I would love to! I will be back would love it if you follow!

  2. Thanks Comeca, I got the dress form at Ross, but I've seen them at Marshall's. Maybe you could give those a try! I think I became a follower after my first comment!!

  3. Hi Sherry, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comments, looking forward to learning more about you through your bloggins! Love the creative jewelry storage, I struggle with my longer pieces.

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! I really like your jewelry storage...esp. the dress form and the frame (looks like it has fabric in it?)!

  5. Hello Jennifer! Thank you. As a matter of fact it is fabric in the frame, I covered cork and popped it into a frame. Would you believe I bought 10 yds of that fabric at a yard sale for .25 cents?!