Saturday, February 12, 2011

Early Bird Gets The Prize

I've become so accustomed to looking for bargains that it's not often I buy
items at full price. I try and wait until the items go on sale, clearance is
even better! There was a time when I didn't bother to compare prices or
take the time to consider if it was worth the asking price, if I wanted it I got
it. Well let me tell you my friends, times have changed! IMO for the better.
I have been known to miss out because of being  stingy oops I mean thrifty.
For instance I searched the weekly sales ad for this tablecloth. Last week
I noticed it had finally been marked down! I couldn't go out but in all honesty
I wasn't worried, I just knew there would be a few left! Last evening I buckled
up to face the cold weather and off to Target I went huffing and puffing the whole
way (wheezing)!! It's just like my G always told me "It's the early bird that gets
the worm baby". Sold out! It was my intention to use it for curtains and lamp
shades. Disappointed I browsed a while longer, finally coming to the bath
section. Hey now it's gonna be alright, Mama found something else to replace
that ole table cloth!

Can you see what that is? No?

That's right, Shower Curtain! I figured if I got it home and found it wouldn't
work in the space, no foul, it could always be used for it's original purpose.


  1. Love the pattern of the shower curtain, ahem I mean tablecloth! That's such a good idea Sherry! I've bought sheets and turned them into curtains and tablecloths! We know how to make it work, don't we!!!

  2. Thanks Brandi. Yeah I've used the sheets too. Gotta do what you gotta do!!