Friday, February 11, 2011

I Can't Stop Smiling

I've always loved some form of crafting since I was a young girl, showing it
off to family and friends. You kinda get the impression that loved ones are biased
when critiquing your work. But it means a lot when some one gives
positive feedback especially, when you see the many creative and beautiful
projects they have accomplished. I do whole heartdly thank all of you for your
kind comments, support and giving me so much inspiration to have the
nerve to post and share my crafts.

I am a new blogger and to my surprise being awarded the Stylish Blogger
award has truly overwhelmed me with excitement 

I like to take this moment to personally Thank Someone whom is
encouraging me and continuously showing me great concern even in
my day to day well being. I can't even find the words to truly express
my gratitude to Brandi Don't Disturb This Groove for honoring me with the
Stylish Blogger Award!

Brandi with all of my appreciation, I am formally Thanking You for stopping
by and reconizing little ol me.

 Rules are to:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.
Share 7 things about yourself
Pay it forward to 15 bloggers whom you feel are deserving
Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

7 Things About Me:

1. Believe it or not I'm shy! I don't normally approach new people, I stand back
and wait for them to make that move.

2. I love music, all genre, but to clean house or when I'm extremely happy I play
the Blues! Odd to most, but instead of bringing me down it lifts me up, makes
me feel oh so good.

3. I have a shoe, purse and hat fetish. I have so many that they're falling out of
the closet. I have plenty that still has the tag on them, sinful I know, but I can't
help myself, well I could if I tried but I don't even think twice about it when I
come across something that I like.

4. I have 9 grand children, 6 are boys! Guess what? I still have two daughters
that have no children yet, although one is getting married this summer! More to
come you think? I hope so.

5. I'm asthmatic. Enough said on that.

6. I started making mood boards when I was 12 yrs old from album covers and
cuts out from catalogs. My mama used to threaten me with punishment if I de-
stroyed one more of her album covers each time she found one missing!

7. Last but not least, when ever I refer to the girls I'm talking about Reese & Storm,
trouble on 8 legs. Reese is a chihuahua, and I can't tell you what Storm is besides

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Now go on over and show them some love, I'm sure they'd love to have you pay a visit!


  1. I know just how you feel Michelle and you are welcome!

  2. Goodness Sherry, you bought tears to my eyes. I seriously have a lump in my throat!

    I used to be really shy too. Now I'm the one to approach first! I love cleaning to music, makes cleaning so much more enjoyable! As far as #3 goes do I need to contact the show Hoarders! LOL
    I bet your the sweetest grandma ever! Congrats to you daughter!!! We're going to take #5 one day at a time and try not to over exert ourselves. I'm cracking at #6 although I don't know what a mood board is! I'll Google it! I love your dog's names! Although Storm sounds like trouble! haha Take care my friend. Talk to ya soon!

  3. Brandi, now you know just how I reacted, it was a day of tears and smiles! Maybe I'll get over being shy one day too. As far as contacting Hoaders, get in line with my children! I guess you could think of a mood board as a dream book, from cover to cover, you pasted pictures of how you'd like your house to look when you grew up! The girls will be 2 in March, Storm being the bigger one (15lbs) you'd think she was a handful but on no Ms Reese coming in at 6lbs is my defiant child, into everything and always on the prowl for something to get into!! LOL