Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waste Not Want Not

I rarely throw anything out before checking to see if I or family/friends can use
it for other purposes. I save everything even if I have no need for it at that time!
It's kinda like saving your skinny clothes, you know one day you'll be able to
get in them again. I look at the objects and think one day this will come in handy.
Sometimes I have my daughters in mind when saving things, they are always
shopping here, I can't complain for real I used to do it at my mom's!

When I decided to redo my dresser, I knew I couldn't reattach the double mirror
that was on it. It served it purpose and was in good shape, it just wasn't my style
any longer, I don't think it ever had been. I bought the dresser off Craigslist
for $50 I believe. I was in desperate need at the time for more storage so I
really didn't care about the look so long as it was in good condition and the
drawers were sturdy.

The mirrors sat in my storage shed for months until I could get some muscles
to separate the two, yeah sad to say but I'm weak! Once that happened I
used wood filler where they had been attached. Because I was impatient
I started sanding them after a day of drying time, it was too soon, refilled and
waited a few more days. I chose Krylon's Khaki. They now rest on either
side of the door outside my powder room.

1 comment:

  1. Love the mirrors! Kudos to you for reusing what you already had!