Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coffee Station

As I've mentioned before I don't have much counter space in my kitchen.
While I don't like cluttered counter tops, I do like having certain things
within easy reach!

I start my day off with coffee, sometimes several cups! Bad I know, but
I don't mind telling you that I'm addicted. I'm asthmatic, I can count on
waking up sounding like there's a wind storm going on. In fact my family
lovingly calls me Wheezy! Coffee helps.

I had this old table that was sitting against the wall beneath a chalk board.
It stored things for the kiddos such as chalk, crayons, books,and
construction paper. I decided to stash those things in a basket so I could
use the table else where.

Sorry I don't have any before pictures. I stained the top and painted the
lower half, then used a semi gloss poly. It turned out well and it does the


  1. Just checking in on ya! Hope you're doing well! Someone mentioned to my husband before that black coffee was good for asthmatics. Love your coffee station!

  2. How sweet of you Brandi, thank you! It's true, I drink a lot of coffee!! I wish I could say I'm better but not just yet.. I really like my little coffee station, funny how simple things can make you happy!

  3. I was really worried about you! Hope you feel better real soon Sherry! : )

  4. You're so kind, thank you for thinking of me Brandi, don't worry, I'm on my way back!!!

  5. This turned out well, I like the combination of paint and stain. I do have a suggestion for your blog, something I noticed because I do Graphic Design. I would recommend that you change the font you use, because it's a little harder to read, especially in paragraphs. I know there aren't a lot of choices in blogger, but one that comes to mind that might work for you is Trebuchet. Hope this is helpful to you!