Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do You Curb

Have you ever been riding along and out of the corner of your eye spy
something on the curb that makes you want to do a Uturn? Or maybe
you're one of those that checks Craigslist daily for the Curb Alert?!

For years my girlfriends and I had this private joke, we'd spot an old piece
of furniture on the road, then call the other and say "Hey I just saw your
so n so on the street" and the other would say "Naw I put that out for you"
Well I'm not laughing anymore, I will stop and pick it up!

I don't always have use for what I find. There's something in me that
won't let me leave it behind if there's a possibility it can be salvaged.

I've lost a lot of pictures (accidently deleted), so I don't have a before of this
chair. It was in bad shape. The legs were wobbly and the seat had no
padding at all, just a piece of fabric begging to be released, lol. I cleaned
it up, sand, prime and paint later with an added seat cushion and vinyl fabric,
it looks like this!

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