Sunday, January 16, 2011

Storage For A Kitchen

My kitchen is very large but it has very little storage space or counter tops!
Being that I have an empty nest now, I do very little cooking. I like pretty
things so, I tend to purchase a lot of things, that have no purpose other than to
look pretty and put a smile on my face when I see it! Throwing away good
money? I don't think so if it makes me happy...I have a lot of
dishes, vases, and just stuff that have no place to call their own in my kitchen.
No problem, I started searching Craigslist and yard sales for a dresser I
could redo. I came across a yard sale being thrown by a 10-11 yrs old girl.
Her mother was in the house keeping an watchful eye but the lil girl was
pretty much on her own calling the shots!

I spotted the dresser and asked how much, she said $1, I asked "Really?"
I told her I'd take it (I didn't want anyone else to get it) and continued to
browse around, I found a 2 drawer office file cabinet and a vase. I gave her
$20 for the three pieces. I just couldn't take advantage of her.


I spray painted the original handles silver, purchased glass knobs for the center
drawers, from Hobby Lobby with a 40% discount coupon!  Not only is this a cute
addition to my kitchen but a solution to my storage problem.


  1. Looks great and that was very nice of you to give more.

  2. Thank you! What goes around comes around!