Friday, January 21, 2011

No Sew Curtains

By now everyone has heard about Drop Cloth Curtains, right? I too jumped
on the band wagon and made some! Above you see my trusty glue gun, duct
tape, can tabs, ribbon, batting, poster board and of course drop cloth. I
gather my things and set up the ironing board before I got sidetracked. That
tends to happen a lot. Some of you may know what I mean, when you have
nothing to do, no one calls or stops by, however just as you decide to craft,
read a book, watch a movie or soak in a hot tub-Ding Dong, ring ring ring!
On this particular day my Mama decides to call and chat, lol! I tell her what
I'm doing so that we can keep it short, Oh No, now she wants to know why
she paid someone to do for her what I'm about to do... My mom is a per-
fectionist. If I make a tiny oops on my own I'll have no problem leaving it
as is but not with her. No Way!

 These are the windows in my kitchen. I know you see that tacky wallpaper!
 Urghhh! It's a pink and blue flora, I can't remove it or paint over. I refused
 to decorate around those colors. I pretend it's not there. Try it, see it's gone.