Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who Wants To Do Homework

I don't know any kid that likes doing homework, do you? Do you have a
designated place in your home for school work? My grand son was doing his
at the kitchen table. I noticed that he was always fidgety, never sitting up
straight for very long. Then of course there was the never ending hunger or

While browsing my trusty friend Craigslist I came across some old school
desks. I decided it would be a great gift so I bought them! They were in pretty
bad shape. Rust, old gum, (ever stick your gum under the desk top) years of
dirt from being stored in a barn, spider webs and something I couldn't identify!
I began to clean them up with a cleaner and some bleach. I didn't get around
to painting them right away, so I needed a place to hide them. Let me tell you
that was not an easy task. Whenever my grand kids come over for a visit, I
can depend on one saying "Granny go hide" yep I play hide-n-seek!!! Did I
mention that I have a very small home? My storage space is very limited, and
what space there is, has been stocked to capacity with what I call treasures
but my family calls JUNK. My son will answer my home phone with "Sandford
& Son, what ya need we got it", he's a very funny guy!

Before the desks were finished my grand son found them. Just like his sister
would, he asked if one was for him? I have 9 grand babies but these two al-
ways assume Granny does everything for them alone! It could be that the other
7 are divided by 3 states. I told a teeny weeny tale and said I was doing them
for a client! He then offered to help and in fact talked about us going into
business together. I thought that was the cutest thing!

One morning before going off to school I surprised him with the fact
the desks were indeed for he and his sister! You can see below how happy
they were. Lil sis received her very own desk too, she's only two but when
ever Big Brotha does homework, she will say "Mama I gotta do
my homework, where's my letters".

Red, Navy & Grey

Bubble Gum & Heirloom White

Don't they look happy


  1. Great Job on the desk's Sherry! Your such a sweet Grandma to do that for your grandchildren. I bet they love playing hide n seek with Granny!!!

  2. Thank you! They never get tired of it even though we hide in the same spots time after time!

  3. What a sweet idea. Looks like those desks really came in handy and they look great! I had to laugh at the treasures/junk comment. My parents (dad specifically) has "treasures" too. You seem to be a very caring and fun Grandma.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Tatum, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, I really appreciate that! I try my best Not to be just a Grandma but one that they'll have fond memories of and want to come see when she can't play anymore!

  5. Love the desks! I like the two-toned, especially the pink and white!

  6. Thanks Andrea! You're not going to believe this but I have the exact same wood holder and I painted it the same color!! :)