Monday, January 24, 2011

Desk Redo

Have I mentioned that I love Craigslist? I search on it every day and I have
also placed my own items on Craigslist! I came across a Desk for sale.
I called and was given an address. When I arrived, I was met by a mother
and daughter. The desk belonged to the mother but her daughter had de-
cided it was time to purge her mother's home.  Mother wasn't too happy
about it but, went along with it. I don't recall if it was due to health or age
but, Mother wasn't able to keep up with the housework her large home
required. Like a lot of young adults the daughter felt her mother was a
pack rat and needed to let go of certain items.  She didn't understand why
her mother held onto so many things that were no longer being used. I
could relate to Mother and I started to feel very sad for her, I also started
to think about my own situation with my children. Things in our home
hold memories for us, it reminds us of times past, things done, love ones
no longer with us.  Because, of those reasons and many more we have
become attached.  I felt bad for her, to rid her home of something she
wanted to keep, I almost walked away without buying the desk.  On second
thought I realized her daughter was determined to sale it and many more
things. The least I could do to help ease Mother's pain was to assure her
that it was going to a loving home. I do love and will continue to love this
desk. It may change colors again, or start to look well used in time but it
won't be leaving 202 for a very long long time.


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  1. Sherry, you did a great job on the desk! I love the color you chose. It really looks great after you glazed it! After reading the "tale of the desk", I really felt bad for mom too. Sometimes it's hard to let go.

  2. Thanks! It really was sad, she had so many lovely things and was practically being forced to downsize. This past summer my family was cleaning my shed out back, I had to keep my eyes on them at all times!

  3. My goodness Sherry that is a great one to! Loving your talent. The color is gorgeous as well.


  4. I love the color of this desk! The extra glaze on the top looks great :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by Decor & Harmony @ 4290! Oh I'm loving this particular color, one day I'll have my own space at home and when I do the decor will be based around this desk!