Sunday, January 30, 2011

Somebody's Having A Birthday

First Birthday
Saniya is turning 3 next week. I had no idea what to get her considering Christmas
has just pass. What could she possibly want? She loves Tinker bell, and any
thing that has to do with a princess! In case you don't know, she's a princess in
Likes To Dress Up
 Of course I thought about clothes, she's very girly girly! Then I decided to ask
her what she wanted. You will not believe what she told me, because you're
looking at the pictures and you see baby! Ha! This lil baby looked at me and
said "A bike, a purple DS and Granny I want a mirror, a green one" A mirror?
"Yeah Granny and YOU can do it"  Can you believe it, not even 3 yet and
decorating already!!! I Love It!
Showing Off My Shoes

Mirror & Sconce
Pulling out the paint and my beloved Cricut. I CAN DO this, Saniya said so! It
makes my heart smile to know my grand kids (no matter how young) take notice
of the things I do!!

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