Friday, January 21, 2011

Half Off Day

A few days ago I ranted about the high prices at the thrift stores. On principle
I left behind a couple of lamps. I was hoping that one in particular would be
there today, it's half off day. What do you think, was she waiting? I had waited
five days, it was like sitting on pins & needles. Doors opened at 8:30, because
of weather conditions I was late,arrived at 8:45! I run to the back where lamps
are kept, Gosh Dawgit, I'll be a monkey's uncle, I see her out of the corner
of my eye but she isn't on the shelf, she's being abducted by a stranger. Quick
somebody help me save my lady! There's no one nearby. As much as I'd like
to, I know I can't knock this stranger out while snatching up the lady. Sadly
I continued to the shelf in search of the lady's ugly friends. None were worthy
enough to come home with me! I knew I was taking a chance when I left her
behind on Sunday. I think had I not seen her being taken today just minutes
ahead of me, I could have accepted it with a lot more grace than I did! To
cheer myself up I decided to try a few more stores before heading back home.

Here's what I managed to come home with today.


  1. I love thrift shopping! I'm sorry you had to actually see the woman walking away with *your* lamp :( I know what that's like. But it looks like you have some great finds here, I cant wait too see what they turn into!!

  2. Hi Adinah, thanks for following! The ones that I did come home with made up for the loss :)

  3. Oh Darn! I'm sorry someone walked away with YOUR lamp! You made up for it though with your awesome finds!

  4. Brandi, yes I did! I'm loving those brass lamps and I know already I'm keeping them!!!