Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thrift Store Goodies

Today was a good day. I hit 4 stores this morning and was able to
come away with some goodies. Rarely do I set out looking for
anything in particular, but I do have a thing for lamps and mirrors,
so it's almost a given that if I spy a lamp that I like it's coming home
with me! I have a limit on what I'll spend for a lamp, it's $8. Today I
came across one that made my heart flutter but it was $12 way more
than I wanted to spend. Oh but she was a beautiful girl! Friday is half
off, oh please let her still be there waiting for her forever home.

I like exploring the Thrift Shops in January and February, it seems to
be when a lotof us get rid of things, I guess starting off the new year
with less clutter or those who redecorate their home with new furnishings.
Whatever the reasons I like it! It's like being in a candy shop.


  1. I heard a saying that one man's junk is a another man's treasure! I can't even imagine anyone considering the lamps in your photo JUNK! You have truly come across some gorgeous lamps. I can't wait to see what your crafty skills will embrace upon these beautiful lamps. If I may ask, please share with us your after photo's of these gorgeous lamps. Following the FunkyJunk@202!


  2. Yes, this is the perfect time of year to thrift. A lot of people donate before dec 31 so they get a tax write-off.

    good stuff!

  3. Ya know. I never really realized that. I just tend to go in. Thanks for this great tip!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  4. Gail, I hadn't thought about the tax write-off! Thanks for stopping by.


  5. You're welcome Mr. Goodwill Hunting. Thanks for stopping by!