Saturday, November 19, 2011

$20 Find

I've been searching quite some time for a floor model stereo, I've
come across several on CL only to be told sold! When I inquired
about this one I was told that someone had made arrangements to
pick it up the following morning, oh well another one bites the dust!
A few days later I received an email saying they had failed to do so
and if I was still interested it was all mine. 

While talking to Mama recently I discovered that she was on the 
hunt for one as well so I've decided to redo this one and surprise
her for her upcoming birthday!

Sorry for quality of photo, taken with my cell.


OAN: Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong as far as the font
goes? I click on Trebechet and that's what I get while composing but as 
soon as I post, I get the cursive font, call me slow cause for the life of
me I can't seem to figure it out. Help!

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