Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Small Stuff

My youngest child has a love for thrifting just like her mom. I mean she will
actually spend a day in and out of thrift stores, whereas her siblings will say
"Ma if you see such and such will you get it for me"! Oh the fun she and I
could have if only she lived nearer! This child whom resides in ND will shop
Craigslist for my state, find what she likes, give me a call to go pick up! You
gotta love her!

She was here back in August and went shopping through my stash. She found
so many things she wanted that I just couldn't stand to part with, not even for
Angel baby! However I did begin to look for duplicates while out on my hunts.
I found a few things in NY this past summer! So todayI'm painting some of those
small things and giving a lil TLC so I can get her a box off in the mail.

My Brave Young Child

Craigslist's Lamp I drove 20 miles to get for her

"Ma leave as is" Black with bronze undertone

That napkin holder will be used for mail

Cat has a twin in our family
You can't see it clearly but the fork and spoon are gorgeous! Her accent color
is Red so I dried brushed these so that the wood would still show through! I
have a similar mail holder that she wanted to take but I couldn't part with it,
so now she has her own! I picked up the Kitchen art awhile back, might have
been last summer, I had no place to put it, I was saving it til I moved, oh well
I can admire it when I visit. My mom has a cat similar to this one that she made,
she uses it as a door stopper, Angel has always loved it, Mama has promised it
to her, well when I came across this one I just had to get it for her, I'm only going
to do some small touch ups.  This is how I'm spending my Lazy Sunday.


  1. I love those forks! I love thrifting too!! I just can't help stopping in a Goodwill, even if I have no room for anything else, haha! :)

  2. Kimberly thanks for stopping by. There are times when I have to scold self to keep from going into a thrift store on a daily!