Monday, October 24, 2011

Face Lift

MJ's room gets a new look. MJ is my mom. A lot of women go shopping to
uplift their spirit, my mom decorates! Sometimes it can be as simple as chaniging
out the accessories in a room, but it has been as major as tearing down walls!

She called me up last week and said I needed to come over because she had
something for me to do. When Mama calls you don't ask what when where or
why, you just get up and DO!

My mom has a 2200 sf ranch style home, from the outside it looks like a small
home, what you see on the outside does not prepare you for what's on the
inside. She has totally redone it. Before it became popular my mom had her own
Mom Cave, we called it the pink room. It's no longer pink but we still refer
to it as such. Once upon a time we weren't allowed in the pink room, unless of
course MJ invited you into her space! There is a very large family/great room
off the kitchen for us. MJ has started to let up on the reigns and now we find our
selves lounging in the pink room.

When I arrived at MJ's, she had already painted the room, taken down the pellet/
cornice box and removed the fabric & batting. She wanted me to redo them. Here
are some before & afters. Sorry the last three were taken with my cell phone.
Christmas Day 2010

The Angel Tree

Cornice is now white with molding

I painted the boxes white and added trim and molding to match the molding
around the doors. My mom and I disagree on the look. I liked the room before.
It was homey to me! My mom says it was cold before whereas now it's breezy
and relaxing. I don't know if you can see but the paint color is a pale minty green.
I forgot the color. So what do you guys think before or after?


  1. Well it is nice now, but I am like you-I like the warm and cozy before picture.

  2. Ahhh at last someone agrees! It seems I'm the only one in family who prefers the before, but IT IS my mom's private space so I guess it's all about what she's feeling in there!