Sunday, October 9, 2011

Woo Hoo Look What I Found

I don't remember where I was headed on that particular Thursday morning. I
do know it wasn't to a Yard Sale because normally I don't go out til Friday!
However en route I saw this sign blowing in the wind and I just had to make
a U turn. Boy am I glad that I did. Although the sign clearly said Yard Sale, it
was in fact an Estate Sale. This bad boy was the second thing I spotted, it was
love at first sight! I had left my purse in the car which left me in a dilemma I
couldn't leave in fear of someone else snatching it up. See it was only $50, how
could anyone pass it up especially at such a low price? It was in very good
condition, no scratches at all. I stood in front of this CC for at least 15 mins
waiting to spot the seller. When he finally came into view I asked if he would
hold it til I went back out to get some money. He agreed and the rest is history.
I was in my car at the time so I had to again ask for a favor, I needed him to
hold it until I could return for it the following day. I picked up some other things
the following day at 1/2 price. I spent $7. I'll show it later. 

It's not going in this space, I have no idea what I'll do with it I just knew I
had to have it. I may not do anything with it til I move and have more space!
Yeah I'm considering AZ, Fl and NV.

On another note the lil guy in the picture is Sir Bentley, sneaking a nap on the
girl's pillow while they're out of sight!


  1. Great find,some things are just meant to be.That was a fantastic price too.

  2. mississippi artist I agree! I think it was meant to come home with me! Tks for stopping by.

  3. Comeca Jones, Tks for stoppping by! I haven't decided what changes I'll make if any but I think I might try it out in my living room since I've been leaning toward retro in that space.