Friday, October 14, 2011

Painted Vases

Years Ago HGTV had a show called Crafters Coast To Coast. I loved that
show, tried hard to see it every day. I would jot down ideas in my tablet labeled
Crafts 2 Try. I must confess that I had forgotten all about

My kids have being saying for awhile now that either I'm a Hoarder or a few
items away from being one. The statement may have some truth to it, lol! I
decided to do some downsizing, while doing so I came across a duffel bag full
of crafting tools, pages ripped from magazines, my tablet of ideas among other
things. Well of course I couldn't get rid of that, to prove it was useful and very
much needed I did a project from the tablet.

I didn't exactly use the example I had seen on CCTC cause it involved using
water and spray paint, on this particular day it was raining so I couldn't go out
to use spray paint. Then I remembered similar ideas I had seen out in blogland
using acrylic paint. I have 100s of those small bottles of paint stashed in my paint
closet, and who doesn't pick up those cheap glass vases at yard sales or thrift stores?
Washed in Soapy Water & Set Aside to Dry


I pulled all my materials out and got to work. Select your vases or glasses, wash
them in soapy water and let them completely dry. Once dry, pour in paint, swirl it
around until glass is fully coated then drain off excess paint (pour back into container
to be used again). Clean the rims with a damp cloth. All that is left to do is wait for them to dry!


  1. neat idea Sherry! They turned out really nice! I like the colors you chose for your project!!

  2. Great idea I just may use this trick for my holiday decorating.

  3. Well these turned out wonderful.You could even use them if you put another vase inside.

  4. Thank you ladies! MA I hadn't thought of that! I'll have to keep that in mind.

  5. Well, well...that is too genius!! Love it!

  6. Must try this idea ... love the way your painted vases look! If I understand correctly (you poured everyday acrylic craft paint into the vase, swirled until the surface was covered, then poured out excess) the look you achieved would appear more like a cased glass? Marvelous! You could even get a marbleized effect if you used a single color and didn't cover all surface, waited for it to dry, used another color but didn't cover everthing, dry, repeat with more colors until happy.


  7. Thank you Robin! Yes that's exactly how I achieved the look, I have a much large vase that I'm working on now with several spray paints and water also. Can't wait to show it.